Vern Neville - speaking

 Vern Neville Having competed and worked in elite sport for over 15 years, including having trained 4 International teams in 3 different sports, Vern went back into full-time academia to pursue a PhD in Exercise Physiology. One may ask why would someone in the prime of their career take such a risk? But it is his "out-of-the-box" approach to living life to the full, coupled with a dynamic enthusiasm and competitive desire to WIN which defines Vern.

His principles for success are simple, yet effective, and are sure to help you and your team find your winning formula.

Vern's insightful and engaging presentation on "Winning is an Attitude" brings together his experiences in the competitive world of professional sport where the inner desire for success, an exceptional work ethic and mental toughness are key elements to becoming a Champion.

Vern believes winners are made long before they enter the playing field and it is one's attitude to life that turns talent into winning. These simple principles can be applied to success in any walk of life, be it sport, business or personal.

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"Vern’s message is passionate, experienced and so powerful, because he doesn’t just 'talk-the-talk' he's 'walked-the-walk'"
Ruth O'Donnell, Red Bull UK

"Vern Neville will help you, your team or company discover the secret to Winning"
Business International 2007

"A truly inspirational and motivational presentation on the secrets of being a winning World Class Team"
Elite Sports Management inc.